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Painswick FC had it's second season in 2009/10 entering two U12 teams and some friendly matches for an emerging U8 team.  The U12 Painswick FC team was hugely successful winning two of the three competitions that it entered and renners up in the third.  LEAGUE CHAMPIONS AND CHAMPIONS LEAGUE WINNERS.

Fixtures as they happened:

U12 Results List 2009/10
DateCompetitionHome TeamScoreAway TeamScoreScorers
12-Sep-09LeagueWindsor Drive0Painswick FC11Rich P, Tom C 2, Cal L 3, Paul J, Dom P 4
26-Sep-09CupPainswick Dragons1GVR Chalford Yfc6Dan N
03-Oct-09CupNorton4Painswick FC6Paul J 2, Dom P, Josh N, Lloyd G 2
10-Oct-09LeaguePainswick Dragons3Windsor Drive5Dan N, Hugo M, Gabe F
10-Oct-09LeaguePainswick FC4Eastcombe1Josh N 3, Dom P
24-Oct-09LeaguePainswick Dragons2Cheltenham Saracens10Dan N, Hugo M
21-Nov-09LeagueKing Stanley Blues7Painswick Dragons1Hugo M
21-Nov-09LeaguePainswick FC3Cheltenham Saracens3Josh N 3
28-Nov-09LeagueEastcombe Youth0Painswick FC5Rich P, Paul J 3, Josh N
05-Dec-09LeaguePainswick FC5Painswick Dragons0Cal L, Paul J, Josh N, Dom P, OG
12-Dec-09LeaguePainswick Dragons2GVR Chalford Yfc10Fin T, OG
23-Jan-10LeaguePainswick Dragons0Norton3
23-Jan-10LeagueKing Stanley Blues0Painswick FC7Paul J, Dom P 2, Josh N, Lloyd G, Gabe F 2
06-Feb-10LeagueNorton4Painswick Dragons2Dan N, Hugo M
06-Feb-10LeaguePainswick FC11Windsor Drive0Alex E, Rich P 2, Tom C 3, Cal L, Josh N, Dom P 3
13-Feb-10LeaguePainswick FC5Norton1Tom C, Cal L, Paul J, Lloyd G, Dom P
20-Feb-10CupGVR Chalford Yfc2Painswick FC5Tom C, Cal L, Josh N, Lloyd G 2
12-Dec-09LeagueEastcombe Youth1Painswick Dragons0
06-Mar-10CupPainswick Dragons0Painswick FC10Tom C 4, Cal L 3, Paul J, Josh N 2
13-Mar-10LeagueWindsor Drive1Painswick Dragons5Dan N 4, OG
20-Mar-10LeagueGVR Chalford Yfc1Painswick FC4Cal L, Paul J, Josh N, Lloyd G
27-Mar-10LeagueNorton Eagles3Painswick FC2Tom C, Lloyd G
29-Mar-10LeaguePainswick Dragons1Painswick FC11OG
03-Apr-10LeaguePainswick Dragons0Eastcombe5
08-May-10Cup FinalKing Stanley3Painswick FC1Josh N
11-May-10LeaguePainswick FC3King Stanley0Cal L, Paul J 2
13-May-10LeaguePainswick FC6GVR Chalford Yfc1Josh N 2, Dom P 2, Lloyd G 2
15-May-10LeagueCheltenham Saracens1Painswick FC7Tom C 2, Blake P, Cal L, Paul J, Josh N 2
23-May-10Champ LgePainswick FC7Windsor Drive1Cal L 2, Lloyd G 2, Josh N 2, Gabe
23-May-10Champ LgePainswick FC0King Stanley0

Final League Table

1Painswick FC14121184-125172
2King Stanley Blues14101383-254558
3GVR Chalford Yfc1492376-344342
4Norton Eagles1482458-374021
5Cheltenham Saracens1463544-333511
6Eastcombe Youth1441918-4427-26
7Painswick Dragons14101317-7617-59
8Windsor Drive14101314-13317-119

Player Stats

Goals U12's
Josh N1415672022
Cal L1412662018
Tom C1412652017
Dom P1416612017
Paul J1312631915
Lloyd G76561212
Dan N971121129
Hugo 951023128
Gabe F1846110255
Richard P14460204
Blake P12260182
Tom P901021121
Alex E14160201
Sheets U12's
Nathan F14562207
Richard P14562207
Alex E14562207

U8's First Season

U8 Results List 2009/10
DateCompetitionHome TeamScoreAway TeamScore
26-Sep-09FriendlyPainswick Dragons8Ebley1
07-Nov-09FriendlyPainswick Dragons0Abbeymead0
07-Nov-09FriendlyPainswick Dragons0Abbeymead3
07-Nov-09FriendlyPainswick Dragons0Abbeymead0
28-Nov-09FriendlyMinchinhampton0Painswick Dragons0
28-Nov-09FriendlyMinchinhampton0Painswick Dragons0
28-Nov-09FriendlyMinchinhampton0Painswick Dragons1
28-Nov-09FriendlyMinchinhampton3Painswick Dragons0
05-Dec-09FriendlyPainswick Dragons4Forest Green Rovers0
05-Dec-09FriendlyPainswick Dragons3Forest Green Rovers1
05-Dec-09FriendlyPainswick Dragons1Forest Green Rovers0
23-Jan-10FriendlyPainswick Dragons0Rodborough7
06-Feb-10FriendlyPainswick Dragons0Frampton4
13-Feb-10FriendlyMinchinhampton3Painswick Dragons4
06-Mar-10FriendlyStonehouse1Painswick Dragons4
27-Mar-10FriendlyPainswick Dragons4Stonehouse0