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Painswick FC had it's first season in 2008/09.  It had one team playing in the U12 age group and was hugely successful winning all three competitions that it entered.  LEAGUE CHAMPIONS, CUP WINNERS AND CHAMPIONS LEAGUE WINNERS.

Fixtures as they happened:

 DateMatch Home Team



 Away Team



 PFC Scorers
20 May 08Friendly 7'sEbley U101Painswick U118

Tom D 3, Harry C 2, Will L, Josh N, OG

 5 July 08Bussage Tournament 6'sPainswick U11 0Rodborough Eagles U11 0None 
 5 July 08Bussage Tournament 6'sPainswick U11  0Eastcombe U11  0None 
5 July 08 Bussage Tournament  6'sRodborough U11  0Painswick U11 0None 
 13 Sep 08 Mid Glos Mini Soccer League Tytherington Rocks U12 2Painswick U12   3Andy J, Tom D, Josh N 
 20 Sep 08 Mid Glos Mini Soccer League   Painswick U12 3Brockworth Albion U126 Harry C, Tom D, Andy J
27 Sep 08U12 Trophy World Shield RND1Painwick U12 3Abbeymead Rovers U12 1Harry C, Josh N 2 
 11 Oct 08 Mid Glos Mini Soccer League Painswick U12  4 Forest Green Rovers 1Harry C 2, Andy J 2 
 18 Oct 08 Mid Glos Mini Soccer League Painswick U12  3Randwick Hornets  1Harry C 2, Josh N 1 
 25 Oct 08Mid Glos Mini Soccer League  Painswick U12   3 Ashleworth WoodpeckersHarry C, Tom D, Josh N 
 15 Nov 08Mid Glos Mini Soccer League   Brockworth Albion U12 Painswick U12   Paul J 2, Andy J, Harry C, Josh N, Tom D 2 
 29 Nov 08Mid Glos Mini Soccer League    Painswick U12   1Thornbury Falcons  1Harry C 
 6 Dec 08Mid Glos Mini Soccer League  Painswick U12   5Bream Amateurs  0Jake G, Harry C, Josh N 2, Paul J
 13 Dec 08Mid Glos Mini Soccer League    Painswick U12   4Tytherington Rocks U12  1Josh N, Andy J, Jake G, Tom D 
 20 Dec 08Mid Glos Mini Soccer League   Abbeymead Rovers U12  Painswick U12   6Andy J 2, Josh N 2, Paul J, Harry C 
 31 Jan 09Mid Glos Mini Soccer League     Thornbury Falcons U12 1Painswick U12  2Harry C,Tom D 
 14 Feb 09Mid Glos Mini Soccer League     Windsor Drive  0Painswick U12   12Sam W 2, Harry C 2, Andy J 4, Paul J, Jake G, Tom D, OG.
21Feb 09U12 Trophy World Shield SEMI FINAL Painswick U12  Tytherington Rocks U12Josh N 2, Harry C 
28 Feb 09 Mid Glos Mini Soccer League   Painswick U12   8Woodpeckers YFC  2Josh N 2, Jake G, Tom D 3, Adam F, Harry C.
 7 Mar 09Mid Glos Mini Soccer League    Forest Green Rovers U12 0Painswick U12  2Josh N 2 
21 Mar 09 Mid Glos Mini Soccer League    Woodpeckers YFC   Painswick U12  3Jake G, Andy J 2 
2 Apr 09 Mid Glos Mini Soccer League   Randwick Hornets   0 Painswick U12   7Jake G 3, Harry C 3, Tom D 
 4 Apr 09Mid Glos Mini Soccer League   Painswick U12    1Abbeymead Rovers U12 0Harry C 
11 Apr 09 Mid Glos Mini Soccer League    Painswick U12    Windsor Drive U12   0Harry C, Jake G 2, Andy J 2 
18 Apr 09 Mid Glos Mini Soccer League     Bream U12  0Painswick U12 Harry C, Jake G 
 9 May 09Trophy World Shield  Painswick U12Ashleworth Woodpeckers Jake G, Andy J 
 24 May 09Champions League  Painswick U12  2Woodpeckers YFC   0Andy J, Jake G 
24 May 09 Champions League  Painswick U12  1Ashleworth Woodpeckers   0 Tom D

Final League Table

Ashleworth Woodpeckers19152293-246669
Forest Green Rovers19113568-365532
Thornbury Falcons18114362-315531
Brockworth Albion17101659-434816
Tytherington Rocks Juniors FC1782745-38437
Abbeymead Rovers18621027-4838-21
Bream Amateurs18531020-3636-16
Windsor Drive19311516-7429-58
Woodpeckers AFC18151233-6926-36
Randwick Hornets1600166-9216-86

Player Stats

Harry C182052422724
Josh N191354412818
Andy J181642002218
Tom D191251432816
Jake G121142001613
Paul J754000115
Sam W1925000242
Will L1805041271
Adam F1715040261
Clean Sheets
Will L18854432715
Nathan F17754332514
Adam F17754432614
Sam W19854002412
Callum G714300114